Interim opdracht: Risk manager gezocht

Risk manager - Audit Manager

40 uur
31 mei 2018
4 maanden
03 juni 2018

Functie omschrijving

- Secure compliance with Internal Control Framework (ICF)

- Co-manage the ICF compliance program towards vision 2020 thereby finding the right balance between control and costs

- Member IC Board

- Co-Develop and maintain the approach towards ICF compliance.

- Transform the ICF approach to pragmatic (consistent & clear) instructions and guidelines and support its deployment to all applicable organizations within the BG

- Effectively communicate to a wide variety of stakeholders to safeguard a common ICF understanding and implementation throughout the BG, clarify ICF issues if and where required

- Facilitate and enhance the exchange of common issues or best practices and its implementation

- Co-Develop, plan and provide IC training programs within the BG

- Maintain IC knowledge, through external (and internal) networks and publications

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